Total control over the messaging routes

  • On-premise messaging server
  • Trusted connections between the corporate servers
  • Multistage corporate circuit for large enterprises

User management

  • LDAP (Active Directory) integration
  • Integrated digital signature

Protocol. Security and reliability

  • Complex encryption ("user-user", "user-server", "server-server")
  • Encryption keys management

Data access control, protection from leaks and unauthorized access

  • Control over mobile devices access
  • Client devices storage management
  • Client devices backup restriction

Productivity and connectivity

  • Workplaces. Dedicated messaging spaces for teams, branches and divisions. Collaboration and shared media
  • Secure access to corporate email. Data transfer with the Protocol. Access control and leaks prevention
  • Communication with public messengers using the same app
  • Integration with LOB systems. Access to LOB systems by express.
  • Bots in corporate environment. Chat bots and automation bots
  • Cloud and public services integration